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The story

When we make choices, we often think that we make these choices conscious. When, afterwards, time is taken to think carefully about the choice, it turns out that the choice can not be well substantiated. In the documentary "Meat the Plants" we follow Simon Spierings in his search for the answer to the question, why he and many others still consume animal products. This serious subject is brought to you in a cinematic and humouristic way.


Simon Spierings​

Main Character

When I moved to Amsterdam for my study three years ago, I noticed that not everyone could enjoy a good steak like me.


Rik Jansen

With a documentary you can visualize a real situation that makes it live by the public.



Bas Peperzak

Nowadays, more and more is being replaced by robots. Creativity is something human. That is where I get my passion for film from.



CAMPUSDOC 2018/2019

During the CampusDoc minor at the Utrecht University, we get the opportunity to make our own documentary in half a year. We are supported by various professors and experts.


In October we received master classes for two weeks at various universities in New York from different prize-winning documentary makers.

The documentary will eventually be shown at the

CampusDoc International Film Festival.

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